Silk Studios is now a part of NEP Australia.

NEP Australia (formerly Global Television) acquired Silk Studios in early 2015 Ė enhancing NEPís international portfolio of studio, outside broadcast, video display and host broadcast assets.

Silkís TV production studios support leading Australian and international networks, with current productions including:
Live weekly Sky News programs, including 'One on One" with David Speers, 'Australian Agenda', 'Richo + Jones', 'The Cabinet' and 'The Nation.'
Advertorial segments for 'The Morning Show' (Seven Network) and 'Mornings' (Nine Network)

Silk Studios is also the production company behind Aerobics Oz Style and has hosted other productions including CBeebies Storytime for BBC Worldwide and Mind Over Maddie for Disney Channel.

Clients will continue to enjoy the comprehensive service and competitive pricing for which Silk Studios is renowned, but will now have access to the additional support and expertise of NEPís worldwide network.