The Playout facility at Silk Studios has been running for many years and has been used to provide services to Foxtel.

Silk Playout has capacity to simultaneously broadcast up to 8 channels. The heart of the system is the Harris D-Series Automation system. This is a dual redundant system with full shadowing, system error monitoring, and seamless automatic change-over in the unlikely event that an error is detected. This system is similar to that used by Network 10, SBS Broadcasting, and Southern Cross Broadcasting, to run their play-out services. The programme material is played out from dual video servers providing guaranteed availability of the programmes.

The entire play-out facility is powered by two Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), so that the operation is not affected by a loss of mains power. There is also a back-up diesel generator that automatically starts if the loss of mains power is extended, this then keeps the batteries in the UPSs charged and the facility running during extended power outages. Also all equipment which is vital to delivering the service is equipped with dual power supplies, so that in the event of a loss of power from one UPS it will continue to operate normally.

Our fully redundant and automated Playout center complements Silk's production, transmission and distribution services and offers a ‘One Stop Shop’ for international broadcasters requiring high quality end-to-end media delivery solutions. Silk offers state of the art services for content management, digital archival, content localisation, digitalization, disaster recovery, over the top and additional related services.

Silk’s expert team and infrastructure of the Playout Center has supported the needs of International and local channels including Aurora Community Channel, Fashion TV, Expo Channel, Greek Australian TV (AlphaGATV), Prime Media (iShoptv Channel) and others.

The Playout center is connected to Australia’s broadcasters including Channel Ten and FOXTEL via fully redundant fibres to ensure fully backed up distribution via DVB, satellite, fibre or IP communication channels.

Playout services include: